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While I was DJing at Hex In The City, I turned my hand to creating Fadeout, a monthly 'music-only-no-chatter' podcast mid 2004, mainly as an online representative of the music played at Hex In The City and also to showcase new tracks by unheard artists. I then took the step to present it as a weekly radio show on Rock 247 Online in 2007 after being approached to 'do it properly' by a well-spoken bloke called Nigel who co-ran the station.

Fadeout suddenly reached more ears than ever before, enabling me to land more guest DJ slots and generally 'get my name out there' as a point of contact for artists within the goth scene who had an album to promote. Eventually, Rock 247 Online folded as a station in late 2008. Fadeout moved over to Nigel's new station Phoenix Radio, and since then I haven't looked back. Fadeout has also included several interviews with some incredible bands & artists in its time such as The Fields Of The Nephilim, The Cruxshadows, Peter Murphy, Toyah Willcox and more.

Check out the podcast playlists on the right to download the shows from previous weeks. You can also dive further back in time by heading to the Downloads page and trawling Fadeout shows of old.

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The Haunted Wardrobe

Airs: Sunday 19:00, Tuesday 01:00 and Wednesday 07:00 GMT on

I wanted to create a show which focused primarily on the goth/darkwave/deathrock scenes more than previously, and to leave the broader spectrum of music that I air completely in the hands of 'Fadeout' on Phoenix Radio, where it all began.
With that I bring you The Haunted Wardrobe; an hour of great tunes from the aforementioned genres, with a little more 'spook' in the mix.

Live DJ Appearances.

  • Skin Deep @ The Cobra Club, Wolverhampton Feb 2003
  • Resident DJ @ Hex In The City / 7 Deadly Hertz, Wolverhampton 2003-2007
  • Funeral Nation @ JB's, Dudley 2004
  • The Last Dance/RazorBladeKisses @ The Jailhouse, Coventry 2005
  • Pandemonium @ The Haygate, Telford 2006
  • Whitby Gothic Weekend, The Metropole overspill event Oct 2006
  • Whitby Gothic Weekend April 2007
  • Goth All-Dayer @ The Rainbow, Birmingham Sept 2007
  • Deviant/Saints of Eden/Sugarfiend @ The Warehouse, Birmingham Jan 2008
  • Resurrection @ The Barfly, Birmingham March 2008
  • Cauda Pavonis @ The Haygate, Telford May 2008
  • Gothla Abdomination @ The Quebec Club, Leicester July 2008
  • S.O.P.H.I.E @ Club DV8, Birmingham September 2008
  • The Last Dance/Rome Burns @ The Tuns, Coventry, Oct 2008
  • Whitby Unplugged @ The Metropole Hotel, Whitby Gothic Weekend Apr 2009
  • Sophie Lancaster Fundraiser @ The Spa, Whitby Gothic Weekend Oct 2009
  • Sophie Lancaster Fundraiser @ The Spa, Whitby Gothic Weekend Apr 2010
  • Whitby Gothic Weekend April 2010
  • Nostalgia @ Raw Club, Whitby Gothic Weekend Oct 2010
  • Sleaze On Toast @ The Haygate, Telford July 2011
  • Anne Marie Hurst/Rhombus/Steve Mercy @ The Marrs Bar, Worcester Dec 2012
  • Rhombus/Dead Eyes Opened/The Marching Men @ The Parish, Huddersfield March 2013
  • Danse Society/Arcane Winter/13 Candles @ Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham May 2013
  • Sanctuary @ Raw Club feat. Berlin Black/Dead Eyes Opened, Whitby Gothic Weekend Oct 2013
  • Rhombus/Red Sun Revival/The Glass House Museum @ The Marrs Bar, Worcester June 2014
  • Rhombus/Berlin Black/The Atlantic Mirrors @ The Parish, Huddersfield July 2014
  • Dead Eyes Opened / Rhombus @ The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh Oct 2014
  • Rhombus/The Last Cry/The Glass House Museum @ The Marrs Bar, Worcester March 2015
  • Rhombus/Berlin Black/Edward Molby @ The Parish, Huddersfield Jan 2016
  • Rhombus/Last July/The Glass House Museum @ The Marrs Bar, Worcester July 2016
  • Rhombus/Last July/Chambers/Quasimodo @ The Parish, Huddersfield Sept 2016