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The Haunted Wardrobe.

All of the Haunted Wardrobe shows are now archived on Mixcloud for streaming.
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The Other Fadeout

This was the show that preceded the Haunted Wardrobe shows on Nightbreed Radio. Just like Fadeout, but with a slightly more expanded musical spectrum and mostly including interviews with top celebs. Or thereabouts. You can peruse the playlists for these and the Haunted Wardrobe shows at
November 2010 / December 2010 / January 2011 / February 2011 / March 2011 / April 2011 / May 2011 / June 2011 / July 2011 / August 2011

Nightbreed Radio & Miscellaneous Mixes.

The following were used in either Phoenix Radio or Nightbreed Radio at one point. Once again, the technology of cloud storage means that you can bend your bandwidth and bloat your iPods to the tune of free downloadables.

Top Goth: Driving Songs For The Darkly Inclined. | [download] The Eden House-To Believe In Something / The Last Dance-Distantly / Peter Murphy-Memory Go / Blacklist-Flight Of The Demoiselles / Play Dead-Caught On The Thorns / The Sisters Of Mercy-Body Electric (Original 12" Version) / The Merry Thoughts-House Of Rain (Trick or Treat) / The Danse Society-Red Lights (Shine) / Sad Lovers & Giants-Colourless Dream / The Chameleons-Second Skin / Rhombus-What You Wanted / Kommunity FK-Something Inside Me Has Died (Remix) / The Last Cry- Broken Hearts / Killing Joke-Adorations / The Razor Skyline-Sahara / Siouxsie & the Banshees-The Killing Jar / Grooving In Green-Stranglehold / All Hallows Eve (Feat. Tim Chandler)-All Hallows Eve

SumerNights: An Alternative UK Summer Mix | [download] Icicle Works-Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) / All About Eve-Our Summer / The Cure-High / Love and Rockets-No New Tale To Tell / Pretentious Moi-Malina Rhombus-Timeless And Elegant / The Sundays-Joy / Kitchens Of Distinction-Elephantine / New Order-Love Vigilantes / Solemn Novena-Kiss The Girls / The Mission-Sea Of Love Siouxsie & The Banshees-Dear Prudence / Adoration-Same As It Ever Was / Salvation-Sunshine Superman / New Model Army-Vagabonds / Cocteau Twins-Carolyn's Fingers / The Last Cry-Jane / Sad Lovers & Giants-Colourless Dream

Darkest Sunrise | [download] Gpkism-Immaculatus / Blood-Blood Featuring Exo-Chika (Aural Vampire) / Moi Dix Mois-Perish / Pierrot-Mad Sky / Psydoll-Rose, Rose, Rose / Mix Speaker's,Inc-MONSTART Family / Noir du Soleil-Nightmare / Virgin O.R. Pigeons-Let Them Die / Malice Mizer-Beast of Blood / Dir En Grey-Kodou / Despairs Ray-Valentine / Suicide Ali-Kaze No Slave / Ryuichi Sakamoto feat. David Sylvian-Forbidden Colours

Hex In The City Revisited | [download] Bolshoi-A Way / Passion Play-Frantic / Faith & The Muse-Running Up That Hill / March Violets-Snake Dance / Suspiria-(Now, We See) The Swine / Dream Disciples-Room 57 / XPQ21-Beautiful / Covenant-Dead Stars / Chameleons-Swamp Thing / Queen Adreena-Jolene / Fields Of The Nephilim-For Her Light / Skeletal Family-Promised Land / Emineldritch-Without Lucretia

Winterborne | [download] Cocteau Twins-When Mama Was Moth / Mephisto Walz-White Rabbit / Reliquary-Lakme / Pride And Fall-December / Covenant-Winter Comes / Reliquary-Lakme / Placebo-Running Up That Hill / VNV Nation-Beloved / The Mission-Butterfly On A Wheel / The Cruxshadows-Winterborn (Accoustic Version) / Inkubus Sukkubus-Hail the Holly King / The Cure-Pictures Of You / RazorBladeKisses-No Strings Attached/ Carter USM-Lonely This Christmas

Uneasy Listening Vol.1 (A serial killer's chillout tape) | [download] Marc Almond-Love Amongst The Ruined / Death In June-Behind The Rose (Fields Of Rape) / Echo & The Bunnymen-Pictures On My Wall / The Cure-The Drowning Man / Sisters Of Mercy-Valentine / The Jesus & Mary Chain-Just Like Honey / Cocteau Twins-The Tinderbox (Of The Heart) / The Passions-I'm In Love With A German Film Star / Sugarcubes-Birthday / Joy Division-Day Of The Lords / March Violets-Grooving In Green / Bauhaus-Swing The Heartache / Laurie Anderson-O Superman

Cruel Britannia's Disturbia | [download] Hecq-H-Destruct (Breakbeat Orchestra) / Foreheads In A Fishtank-Happy Shopper / Atari Teenage Riot-Destroy 2000 Years of Culture / Therapy?-Meat Abstract / Igorrr-Tendon / Big Black-Kerosene / Pigface-Mind Your Own Business / Job's Daughters-Cannibal / Ween-Push The Little Daisies / Rats Of Unusual Size-Flipper Is Dead / OhGr-Pore / Anniversary Circle-Make It Look Like Suicide / Rosetta Stone Vs Marilyn Monroe-Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend / Butthole Surfers-Human Cannonball / Drum Corps-Incarnate / Foreheads In A Fishtank-Pussy /

The Nightbreed New Romantic Hour | [download] Japan-Swing / Gary Numan-Noise, Noise / The Passions-I'm In Love With A German Film Star / Simple Minds-I Travel / A Flock Of Seagulls-It's Not Me Talking / Depeche Mode-Photographic / Talk Talk-Today / Lotus Eaters-The First Picture of You / Duran Duran-Of Crime And Passion / B Movie-Nowhere Girl / Ministry-Every Day Is Halloween / Might Wah!-The Story Of The Blues / Human League-Being Boiled / Landscape-Einstein A-Go-Go / Tears For Fears-Mad World

Swing It, Baby! | [download] Frank Sinatra-I've Got You Under My Skin / Sammy Davies Jr-That Old Black Magic / Dean Martin-Sway / Ella Fitzgerald-The Lady Is A Tramp / Billie Holiday-That Ol Devil Called Love / Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr-Me And My Shadow / Bobby Darin-Mack The Knife / Harry Connick Jr-It Had To Be You / Frank Sinatra-New York New York


Cruel Britannia Remixes | [download]
Some ancient remixes from the deep mists of time...
01 Emineldritch-Without Lucretia / 02 Bauhaus-Bela Lugosis Dead(Exhumed & Consumed) / 03 Marilyn Monroe-Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Cruel Britannia RMX) / 04 Pitchshifter-Shutdown (Cruel Britannia Dark Pop RMX) / 05 Electric Six Vs. The Cure-That's Close Enough Mister! / 06 Faces Of Sarah-All That You Used To Be (2007 RMX)

The Mashing | [download]
Bastardisations of quintissential goth classics with random inappropriata...
01 Sisters Of Mercy Vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Goth Back / 02 The Cure Vs. Duran Duran - Girls In A Forest